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Alpine Conditions Gallery

Forbes Arete, Aiguille du Chardonnet, 10/7/2010


Grand Couloir, Mont Blanc 18/7/2010


Ciarforon (3642m) NE Ridge & North Face, Italian Alps

North Face looking horrible and in no where near as good condition as 2 summers ago.

Maudit Seracs 28/7/2010


Mont Blanc du Tacul East Face 28/7/2010


Chere Couloir,

Mont Blanc du Tacul, 28/7/2010

North Face, Aguille du Midi 30/7/10


North Face Tour Ronde, September 10th 2010

Two climbers starting the face circled in Red. Mont Maudit and Kuffner Arete on right

The Great Freney Couloir, Mont Blanc, 14/9/2010

A vertical icefall at 4500m on the Italian side of Mont Blanc

Gabarrou Albinoni./ Modica Noury

Mont Blanc du Tacul East Face, Chamonix Mont Blanc, 8/1/2011

The Supercouloir, Mont Blanc du Tacul East Face


Aiguille du Midi North Face 23/1/2011

Taken from across the Arve Valley, Chamonix Mont-Blanc

Swiss Route on Les Courtes North Face

Argentiere Basin, Chamonix, Jan 28th 2011

Pre de Bar to Pointe Domino, Argentiere Basin, Chamonix

Mountain Ice Conditions Jan 2011

Les Droites North Face, Argentiere Basin, Chamonix

Two teams on the face climbing 'The Ginat', IV,5. 28th Jan 2011

The Supercouloir, Feb 4th 2011

Mont Blanc du Tacul, Chamonix

Tour Ronde North Face 4th Feb 2011

Team of skiers crossing the head of the Vallee Blanche

Gabarrou Albinoni & Modica Noury, Feb 9th 2011

Climbers on the classic Chamonix Ice Goulottes, Gabarrou Albinoni (upper left) & Modica Noury (upper centre), Feb 9th 2011. A team also on Pinocchio, East Face Mont Blanc du Tacul, Chamonix

The Grand Couloir on Mont Blanc's Gouter Route

7/6/2011. Cables not fixed but work to establish them going on.

North Face Tour Ronde 25/7/2011

Snowy conditions in late July 2011

Rockfall on the West Face of the Petit Dru, 11/9/2011

Taken from the Aiguille de l'Index at about 1000

Dust Cloud Falls Over The Chamonix Valley After A Rockfall on the West Face of the Petit Dru, 11/9/2011


Second Rockfall on the West Face of the Petit Dru, C. 1130, 11/9/2011


The West Face of the Petit Drus, Chamonix

After the two large rock falls on 11/9/2011

Tour Ronde North Face, Chamonix


Climbers Halfway up the Swiss Route on Les Courtes, North Face, Chamonix

1st April 2012

North Face of the Grande Rocheuse 1st April 2012

With Climbers approaching the Bourges-Mizhari finish

Tour Ronde North Face 13/8/2012

A team can be seen at c. one third height. This team climbed the face fairly swiftly.

North Face of the Grandes Jorasses 17/8/12

Quite snowy conditions for high summer with the Gaurdian at the Couvercle Hut reporting only one successful ascent of the Walker Spur so far this season (in late July). There were two teams climbing on the route on the 19/8/12.

North Face of Les Drus & Aiguille Verte

03/11/12. Taken from Floria buvette on the Aiguilles Rouges side of the Chamonix Valley

The North Faces of the Chamonix Aiguilles

From the Midi to the BlaitiƩre. 3/11/12

The North Face of the Aig Caree to Petite Verte

Snowy conditions just after Christmas 2013 with a big dump of snow on Christmas night & boxing day.

The Supercouloir Mid March 2014

With a team climbing the upper ice pitches and a dry direct start

Various Teams Climbing an Icy Lafaille Gully II, 4, Mont Blanc du Tacul

Mid March 2014

North Face of Les Courtes, Chamonix, April 2014

With the classic 'Swiss Route' taking the central depression. Two teams climbing the face 14/4/14

2 Climbers on the Becca di Monciair North Face, 17th April 2014

This pair made fast progress up the lower snow field and then took to the upper mixed face right of the steep headwall