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Antarctica Gallery

Scott Tent

Winter Camp on Adelaide Island, Antarctica.

Science Field Camp

Scientific Field Camp on Alexander Island, Antarctica

Ryder Bay

Ethereal Light bursts through late winter skies at Rothera, Antarctic Peninsula

Ski Antarctica

Tim Burton ripping it up on a rare powder day at Rothera, Antarctic Peninsula


Grounded Iceberg in Marguerite Bay, Antarctic Peninsula

Sky-Blu Ski

Tim Burton skiing the N. Face of Lanzarote near the British Antarctic Survey's blue ice runway, 'Sky-Blu'.

Antarctic Stonehenge

Snow Stonehenge at Sky-Blu, Antarctica

Vinson Ski

Jackson Hole guide, Don Carpenter Skinning above Vinson Base Camp, Antarctica

Illuyshin Jet

Russian Illuyshin Jet lands at Patriot Hills

Stokes Peak

Stokes Peak, Adelaide Island, Antarctic Peninsular

Antarctic Spindrift

Toddy gets blasted by Antarctic spindrift on the round of the Rothera Skyline

Top Roping Antarctic Ice

Dougal Ranford feels the burn and takes the swing in North Bay, Rothera, Antarctic Peninsular

Ski-doo Caravan

BAS field assistants sledging on Adelaide Island, Antarctica

Tyree & Ellsworths

David Hamilton high on Mount Shinn, Mount Tyree on the left. Ellsworth Mountains, Antarctica

Mount Vinson Summit

Yasayuki Okobu and Rob Jarvis on the summit of Mount Vinson, Antarctica

Sledging on the Polar Plateau, Antarctica

2010 Last Degree Ski South Pole Expedition

Union / Horseshoe Valley Sledging Journey, Antarctica

Sledging, Skiing and Climbing journey in the Southern Ellsworth Mountains

David Hamilton Enjoying the Superb View of Mount Tyree (at 4852m the 2nd highest peak in Antarctica)

From High on Mount Shin in the Ellsworth Mountains

Adelie Penguin at Sky-Blu, Antarctica

'Lost' Adelie Penguin trekking along several hundred kilometers from the open sea

High on the Branscombe Ridge of Mount Vinson, Antarctica

Mount Shinn, Tyree and Gardener amongst the Ellsworth Mountains in the background