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Claire Chazal (II,4) 500m Argentiere Basin, Chamonix

Pointe Farrar, Argentiere Basin, Chamonix

Approximate lines of Frendo Ravanel (II,5) and Claire Chazal (II,4) marked

British Guide Jonny Baird "Enjoying" the full-on Sprindfrift on an early mixed pitch on 'Claire Chazal'

Argentiere Basin, Chamonix

Lower mixed ground on the Claire Chazal

The Claire Chazal and other good ice / mixed routes on the Aiguille Verte's Pt Farrar are accessed by a 5 minute ski down from the Grands Montetes Telecabine

Lean conditions giving fine mixed climbing on the crux pitch of the Claire Chazal


Upper Ice Wall on the Claire Chazal

A lull in the spindrift! Check the next photo for conditions 10 seconds later....

Extreme Spindrift Conditions that even Ben Nevis would be proud of!

A fiercely strong wind blasted snow over the Grands Montets ridge on the Aiguillle Verte and poured spindrift in huge waves down the Argentiere face of Pointe Farrar. Both Jonny and I felt close to being 'plucked off' the route due to the volume of spindrift gushing down!

Rapping back down to the skis, off the Claire Chazal, Chamonix

A 5 minute approach gives way to a pleasant half an hour ski descent back to the Grands Montets car park in Argentiere meaning you are free from the pressure of catching the last lift