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Petit Flambeau (3440m) North Ridge, PD

Pristine Early Autumn Conditions For Approaching the Petit Flambeau North Ridge

This beautiful but well crevassed glacial bowl is beneath the Col Flambeau on the North side. Mont Blanc is behind centre left with Mont Maudit & Mont Blanc du Tacul moving right. The approach to the route is not only short it is also downhill!

The Fine Rocky South Ridge of the 'Vierge'

This is linked & provides an obvious combination with the North Ridge of the Petit Flambeau. Opposing in aspect & character & thus offering another fine mountaineering dimension to the day. A series of very short pitches up to F4 give a fine big boot outing & good training for the longer granite big boot outings in the range.

One of the Superb Snowy Sections of the Petit Flambeau North Ridge

With the iconic Dent du Geant behind

Fun Snowy Scrambling on the Flambeau

Some sections of the North Ridge are pretty loose in dry conditions and benefit from a good covering of snow when the route becomes an enjoyable mixed scramble. The Vierge however under these conditions is a lot harder.

Highly Enjoyable North Facing Snow Ridge to the Summit of the Petit Flambeau

Pristine fresh snow conditions in mid September 2013

Gordon Tackles the Enjoyable PD Scrambling

On the middle rocky section of the North Ridge

The Superb Final Snow Ridge Of The Petit Flambeau North Ridge

With the Vierge rock pinnacle catching the sun at the base of the North Ridge below. The Comber Vierge on the right leads down in to the Vallee Blanche and sweeps past the Requin Hut, over the Geant Icefall and down to the Mer de Glace.