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Punta Helbronner (3462m) Variations

Superb Scenic Glacial Tours Easily Accessed from Punta Helbronner

Here in Cirque Maudit there are superb views of the Italian side of Mont Blanc as well as the vast grand scale of the upper Vallee Blanche glacier. This is a short walk or snow shoe from Punta Helbronner or the Torino Hut.

The Petit Flambeau Gives Various Short Mountaineering Routes From Helbronner

The normal route on the Flambeau is very short & easily accessed from the Torino Hut or Helbronner although it can be made a lot trickier with mixed variations. The longer North Ridge provides a fine PD alpine scramble with the option of adding the more technical rocky South Ridge of the Vierge.

The Aiguille de Toule is Also Very Close to Helbronner & Has Several Good Routes

Here Gary & Rob start up the North Face at dawn with alpenglow on the Italian side of Mont Blanc beyond. The East & West flanks of the mountain provide easier & direct routes to this 3534m peak with superb views.

The Route from Helbronner to the Col Marbrees Gives a Scenic Glacier Tour

Mont Maudit & Mont Blanc du Tacul are the large peaks from L-R and the Aiguille du Midi & Cosmiques Hut can be seen across on the French side of the Vallee Blanche, centre far right.

Accessing the Summit of the Marbrees is Quick & Involves Mountaineering

The obvious rock pinnacle behind is the Den du Geant (Giants Tooth). A superb 4000m peak on the French:Italian frontier.

The Magnificent Location of the Station at Punta Helbronner

With the extensive mountains of the Italian Alpine Val d'Aosta to the East

Crossing the Col de Flambeau After An Alpine Start from the Torino Hut

As well as having lots of superb short glacial treks, mountaineering routes & training venues Punta Helbronner is also a springboard for some huge alpine routes including the traverse of the Grandes Jorasses.

The Extremely Scenic Glacial Trek to the Col d'Entreves (3500m)

This glacier trek can be done simply for the journey and views from the great picnic site at the col - or to climb the relatively straightforward aller retour to the SW summit on the Entreves. The full traverse of the Aiguilles d'Entreves is a much trickier undertaking.

Highly Atmospheric 'Wintery Autumn' Conditions on the SW Ridge of the Entreves

Mid October 2014 during an expedition training course in Chamonix

Snow Cave Picnic At The Col Rochefort

An enjoyable steady glacier trek leads round to this awesome resting point where a break from the wind & high altitude exertion fully allows you to relax, enjoy the view and take in the amazing scenery. The Matterhorn, Monte Rosa, Grandes Jorasses, Grivola and Gran Paradiso are all well seen from here.

The Superb Final Snow Crest On The Petit Flambeau North Ridge

With the sunny rock pinnacle of the Vierge visible below and the Combe Vierge sweeping down on the right to join the Vallee Blanche, pass the Requin Hut at the Geant Ice fall and join the Mer de Glace lower down.

Enjoyable Easy Scrambling On The Aiguille de Toule East Face

Good snowy conditions in mid December 2016. Almost ideal conditions as the loose rock on this route in summer is now all buried but the snow is stable and avalanche risk low.

Great Panoramic Alpine Views From The 3534m Summit Of The Aiguille de Toule, Italian French Border

After an ascent of the short East Face in mild winter conditions, mid December 2016