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Mont Paglietta (2476m), Gran S. Bernado, Aosta

A Super Position to be Skiing, Mont Paglietta South Ridge

Across the Etroubles / St. Oyen Valley are the fine ski touring Combas Flassin, Citrin & Serena and the summits Fallere (3090m) & Mont Rouge (2943m)

The Lower Meadows of Prailles Give a Gentle Start to the Tour

The main Menouve snow road is left almost immediately to track North through fine meadows and in to the Larch Forests

The Impressive South West Face of Mont Velan is a Constant Companion on Paglietta

This Italian - Swiss Frontier is a ski touring mecca and has something for all tastes from gentle meadows & widely spaces Larch forests to the huge couloirs & faces on the South side of Mont Velan (3681m)

Tree Bombs As the Wind Hits the Larch Forest

An impressive chain reaction started as we were nearing the upper limit of the tree line. A stiff breeze suddenly buffetted the upper trees & this started the whole section of forest shedding the considerable amounts of snow in the branches - we we got snow bombed!

Above the Larch Forest Paglietta's South Ridge is Open, With Fantastic Views

Here the Southern skyline includes Mont Emilius & the Aosta Ski resort of 'Pila'

Great Skiing High on the South Ridge of Paglietta

With the Comba & Col Citrin Beyond

Great Snow for the Descent of the South Ridge

With the meadows above Prailles visible below & to the South

Pristine Velvet Powder Snow as the upper Larch Forest is Reached

The Valley below is the Menouve which links Prailles with the Col de Menouve which, previously, hosted the upper lifts of the Super St. Bernard ski station allowing this great valley to be descended before catching the bus back across the Gran St Bernard from Etroubles.

Great Snow in the Open Larch Forest Descent

Many variations are possible for the Paglietta descent, from reversing the line of ascent to multiple lines down in to the Menouve Valley

Steep Turns in the Larch Forest Above the Menouve Valley

With Mont Velan South Face evident beyond

Mid Winter Means Snow Quality Remains Stunning Even in the Lower Meadows

Fresh tracks anywhere you like in this superb open meadow, apart from where the horses had trampled!

Final Turns Across the Prailles Meadow Before the Menouve Track is Reached

The Menouve snow track leads back to the parking in Prailles to complete an excellent 940m in the middle Val d'Aosta

Excellent Sustained Descent Through the Larch Forests

On the Eastern Flank of Paglietta

The Price of an Italian Cafe Latte in Etroubles, Aosta

We paid 3.60 for 3 cafe lattes. Awesome value!