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Pointe De Le Carmelite (2477m) Aravis

Skinning Up Into the Combe de l'Outellaz

After the initial forest tracks & attractive lower valley has been negotiated this ascent marks the start of the sustained climbing, with lots and lots of kick turns!

Enjoyable & Scenic Split Board Touring in Les Aravis

The sustained ascent of the Pointe de la Carmelite climbs the steep NW facing slopes East of the Pointe de la Rouellataz and north of the massive limestone bulk of Pointe Percee. Interesting terrain with lots of kick turns and ski crampons providing invaluable today.

The North Face of Les Quatre Tete from Pointe de la Carmelite

Lots of good tracks on the north side of the Quatre Tete and still great snow to be had a week or so after that last snow fall. Shady powder skiing!

The First Pitch Of Skiing From the Summit - Heading Down Into the Impressive Comb

This leads to the classic comb north and slightly west of the summit. Very shady aspects, great terrain and enjoyable skiing all the way down to the junction with the Combe Marto route.

The Big North Facing Comb on the Carmelite Descent

Lots of great ski / boarding terrain leading down to the junction with the Combe Marto and the fine open then wooded slopes below.

Playful Terrain Below the Big North Facing Comb

Still great snow a couple of weeks after the last major snowfall, Mid Feb 2015

Boarder Fun In The Trees & Powder Lower Down on the Pointe de la Carmelite

Before the track leads back to the Combe Outellaz, nice vallon and then steep rattly track back through the Aravis woodland.

Excellent Conditions For Split Board Touring Mid Feb 2015

High on the Pointe de la Carmelite's northern combe, Les Aravis