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Ski Mountaineering From Punta Helbronner (3462m)

Gran Paradiso Ski Training Day 1: Punta Hellbroner

Here the team are skinning, roped together, across the Geant Glacier. The Dent du Geant (4013m) above

Gran Paradiso Mountaineering Training Day 1: Crampon practice at the Col Freshfield

The Aiguille Noire de Peutery is the peak behind

Gran Paradiso Training Day 1: Powder Skiing under the Tour Ronde North Face

Skiing good snow whilst acclimatising at over 3000m

Ski Touring in Cirque Maudit, Head of the Vallee Blanche

Mont Maudit Behind

Ski Mountaineering Above the Col Du Geant, French / Italian Border

Mont Blanc, Maudit and Tacul in the background

Great Spring Powder Skiing

At 3400m in Mid May on the North Facing slopes above the Vallee Blanche, accessed from the Torino Hut / Punta Hellbronner

Ski Mountaineering Training on the North Face of the Grand Flambeau

With the impressive Aiguille Noire de Peutery beyond. Good ski mountaineering conditions in mid May 2014

A Good Start To The Days Ski Mountaineering!

The fine high mountain cafe at 3400m, Punta Hellbroner. A great pit stop to take in the views and catch your breath in the high altitude before setting off on one of many superb high mountain ski itineraries.

Skinning Journey Across The Col Rochefort

Beneath the Aiguilles Marbrees, Dent du Geant and Mont Blanc in the distance.

Fun Ski Mountaineering Ridge On The French Italian Alpine Border

Mellow alpine mountaineering but good fun and great training with skis on the pack and crampons on the ski boots.

Fun Powder Turns Beneath The Dent Du Geant

Lean glacier conditions but with improving snow cover in early Jan 2016

Christmas Ski Tour High Into Combe Maudit, Mont Blanc Massif

Great views of the Tour Ronde North Face, Grand Capucin, Mont Maudit and the wild Italian South side of Monte Bianco.