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Climb Mont Blanc

Six Out Of Six To The Summit!

Excellent succesful ascent in sunny but cold conditions in early September 2015

Stunning Cool Late Summer Dusk At The Gouter Hut

A magnificent spot to enjoy the views down the Arve Valley towards Geneva, across to the Aravis, Chablais & Aiguilles Rouges as well as the nearby wild glaciated North West Face of the Aiguille du Bionassay.

Hairs On The Back Of The Neck Standing Up

It's cold, and windy, you're tired, and short of breath from being at nearly 5000m. But you are on the final few steps of the Bosses Arete. A magnificent position, with views across the Alps....and you are going to get to the summit of Mont Blanc. Well done. A tough but rewarding ascent in early autumn 2015.

A Team Swiftly Traverse The Grand Couloir In Very Dry Conditions

Earlier this day the team turned back due to wind vortexs starting rockfall in the couloir. Later we returned to silence and on the way down 20cms of snow had fallen giving a very cool & calm atmosphere on the early morning descent.

Dry Rocky Scrambling On The Ascent To The Gouter Hut

Very dry conditions in later summer 2015. This early section is shortly after the crossing of the Grand Couloir so much of the ridge is still to be climbed. The old Gouter Hut is above and slightly right of the climber in blue and the new Gouter Hut is high on the ridge line centre right of picture.

Scenic Snow Ridge Just Above New Gouter Refuge

This is a magnificent section of the route linking the rock scrambling on the Gouter Rib with the broad glacial northern flank of the Dome. Here a spring in the step can be enjoyed along with magnificent views down in to the Chamonix Valley.

Early Morning Helicopter Rescue From The Gouter Hut

For a climber who had broken her leg on a simple slip on ice, just behind the old Gouter Hut. Early September 2015

Cold & Windy But Magnificent....

...The ascent of the Dome du Gouter is long & steady and can be psychological crux of the route, especially when done in the dark. The physical crux comes higher up!

High On The Bosses Ridge

Getting very high on the mountain now, above 4500m with just one steady ascent, pictured here, followed by a short steep slope and then the opening up to almost horizontal of the magnificent final Bosses Ridge.

Monte Bianco di Courmayeur, From Mont Blanc Summit

The traverse across is longer than it looks and is rarely climbed apart from by climbers finishing the Peutery Ridge and other routes on the superb wild Italian side of Mont Blanc.

The Descent Of The Bosses Arete

Has several short re-ascents and one major one back to the shoulder on the Dome du Gouter. These are barely noticed as descents on the ascent but are well noted as ascents on the descent!

Stunning Position On The Snow Ridge Above The Gouter Hut

With the Chamonix Aiguilles Poking through the clouds in the Chamonix Valley below.

Final Short Descent To A Well Earned Rest At The Gouter Hut

Our 3 day summit period means the Gouter Hut is used on the descent from the summit climb. This gives various advantages and provides a very welcome & comfortable overnight pit stop on the long descent.

Good Snow Conditions On The Gouter Ridge

With a view into a quiet & snowy Grand Couloir below right.

The Annex To The Old Gouter Hut

This is now the 'winter room', available whenever the new Gouter Hut is closed, e.g. between October and early June each year. The hut is basic but solid and has around 20 beds and blankets plus some tables and stools with a basic cooking area. Stoves and pans plus your own food are required and plenty of gas for melting snow.

Paul Testing His Mountaineering Skills & Equipment On Mont Blanc Summit Ridge

This final section or the Bosses Arete links the Vallot Hut with the summit and is a substantial climb with some steep snow slopes and exposed snow ridges. A magnificent finale to the climb!

Lovely Evening Light On Mont Blanc Summit Ridge

This late afternoon ascent in October sees the sun tracking low on the western skyline as the climber approaches the summit. With no one else around and superb crisp autumn light, this is a mountaineering experience to savour.

Paul Antrobus On The Summit Of Mont Blanc With Cancer Research UK Banner

This was the final challenge in Paul's series of mountain fundraising events that have so far raised over $216000 for Cancer Research UK. We were proud to be part of Paul's great efforts for this cause.

Mont Blanc Summit At Sunset

Mont Blanc summit at sunset, after a long ascent in October 2015. A tough but magnificent autumnal climb & memorable mountain experience.