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Climb The Weissmies

Mark & Urban Enjoy The Moment Of The Weissmeis Summit

As part of the traverse between Almageller & Weissmeis Huts via the South Ridge and down the north flank to Hohsaas. The team were going so well they also climbed the Jeggihorn in the afternoon as well, before climbing the Lagginhorn the next day. An action packed 3 day mountain journey though the upper Saas Tal.

The Beautiful 'Almageller Alp' En Route To Almageller Hut

With the stunning Saas Taal skyline beyond. From L-R, Alphubel, Tasch, Dom, Lenspitze, Nadelhorn.

Mark Enjoying The Superb Summit Snow Ridge On The Weissmeis

As part of our 3 day course in August 2015 which also included ascents of the nearby Jeggihorn & Lagginhorn. Photo thanks to Guide Urban Azman.

Dawn Over The Swiss Giants, From The Lagginhorn

From the Strahlhorn to the Dom & Lenspitze. The beautiful skyline ridge separating the Saas & Zermatt valleys contain some of the real alpine giants, and Switzerland's highest peak, the Dom (entirely in within Switzerland unlike the large Dufourspitze whose summit is shared with Italy).

South From The Lagginhorn

Past the classic alpine AD routes of the Lagginhorn South Ridge & Weissmeis North Ridge to the northern glacial flank of the Weissmeis Normal Route and further south to the real giants of the Monte Rosa Massif on the Swiss Italian Alpine frontier.

Female Bouqetin (Ibex) Admires The View From The Lagginhorn

A good sturdy footed companion on the route is always welcome!

Weissmies Summit For Kyle, Karen & Dave

Great weather and decent conditions in early September 2016. Mountaineering & training for a Mont Blanc ascent the following week.