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Expedition Gallery

Nanda Devi

Leon near the summit of Changuch on the first ascent. Nanda Devi & Nanda Devi East beyond.

Mera North Face

North Fece of Mera Peak from Base Camp, Nepalese Himalaya

Muztag Ata

The steady snowy ascent of Muztag Ata in the Chinese Pamir

East Face

Dawn hits the East Face of Nanda Devi East from Base Camp

Nanda Lapak

An alpine start on the South Flank of Nanda Lapak with Nanda Devi East beyong, Indian Himalaya

South Ridge

Martin Moran on the South Ridge of Nanda Devi East, Indian Himalaya

Changuch Ascent

Martin, Paul and Ludar on the first ascent of Changuch (6332m), Indian Himalaya

Changuch (6332m)

The North West Ridge of Changuch. The route used by first ascentionists, Winchester, Guest, Sain, Moran & Jarvis, June 2009.

Sheperd Dahl

A firey and fiery Sheperds Dahl in the upper Pindari Valley, Indian Himalaya

The 3 Essentials

Mango Chutney, Disinfectant Gel and Glen Livet, the 3 Essentials of expedition life, Nanda Devi East Base Camp

Yeti Footprint

Yeti footprint compared to a size 10 Scarpa Vega boot print at the Mera La, Nepalese Himalaya

Yeti Tracks

Yeti tracks lead off in to the distance over pristine snow near the Mera La, Nepalese Himalaya

Muztag Ata C2

Camp 2 on Muztag Ata with a view North into the Chinese Pamir

Muztag Ata Ascent

The long steady ascent of Muztag Ata, Chinese Pamir

Evererest & Lhotse

Mount Everest and the South Face of Lhotse from high on Mera Peak, Nepalese Himalaya

Mera Peak

High Altitude Trekking on the Mera Peak summit day, The Eastern Nepalese Himalaya (toward Kanchenjunga) beyond

Ama Dablam

Bob on the fixed ropes of the South West Ridge of Ama Dablam, Nepalese Himalaya

Pic Overton

On the first ascent of 'Pic Overton' in the Kyrghz Tien Shan

Hindu Raj

Cristoph carefully negotiating a glacial approach on the approach to 'Chikari Beag' Hindu Raj, Pakistan


Alice near the summit of Acconcagua with the South Face beyond, Argentinian Andes

Mera Summit

On the summit of Mera Peak with Everest in the background

Prayer Flags Ama Dablam

Tibetan Prayer flags brighten up C1 on the SW Ridge of Ama Dablam, Nepal. Taweche and Cho Oyu beyond.

Tien Shan First Ascent

On the summit of another previously unclimbed peak in the Kyrghz Tien Shan


Expedition Puja at Ama Dablam Base Camp, Nepal

Himalayan Spindrift

Spindrift high on Mera Peak in the Nepalese Himalaya

Chikari Beag

Steve Ashworth low on the glacier on route for the first ascent of 'Chikari Beag' (centre right), Hindu Raj, Pakistan

International Youth Expedition Pakistan

All the members of the 1999 UIAA International Youth Expedition to the Hindu Raj, Pakistan. British members Steve Ashworth in green, top row 2nd from L. Rob Jarvis, light grey t-shirt, top row centre.

Indian Bouldering

Rob Jarvis bouldering at Nanda Devi Base Camp with Nanda Kott in the background

Camp at 6000m on Longstaff's Col

South Ridge, Nanda Devi East, Indian Himalaya

Sam & Alex On The Summit Of Denali

Denali Summit (6168m) After a long & physical ascent. Well done Sam & Alex and delighted to hear how useful the expedition training was.

Technical Mixed Climbing Training in The Mont Blanc Massif

Mixed climbing in the Northern European Alps can provide excellent technical expedition training, as can the Scottish Highlands in winter.

Mollie Takes To The Ladders Through The Khumbu Icefall, Everest South Side

The passage through the Khumbu Icefall is a key section to be safely negotiated to reach the Western Cwm and on to the Lhotse Face & South Col. Confidence in both cramponing, general mountaineering movement skills and efficiently using the fixed lines is all required. Photo: Mollie Hughes.

Mollie Hughes On The Summit of Mount Everest (8848m)

After 18 months of rigorous training, 2 months living in the high mountain environment and 18 hours climbing in the oxygen less world above 8,000m – Mollie completed her challenge. On the 19th May 2012 Mollie became one of the youngest British climbers to summit Mount Everest at the age of 21. Photo: Mollie Hughes.

Julian & Joey Make a Mid Winter Ascent Of Jbel Toubkal, Moroccan High Atlas

Toubkal presents a physical but not very technical ascent from the Neltner Refuge to this 4165m summit. Climbed in January like this it can present a snowy, cold and wintery high mountain challenge, here used as part of the physical and kit testing training for a forthcoming Aconcagua trip. Good luck!

Team South Africa, Vinson Summit Jan 2015

A long, tough & cold summit climb in exacting conditions in the Antarctic summer of early 2015. It was here, that the training paid off...