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Ski Mountaineering Bernese Oberland

Ski Touring High on the Gross Wannenhorn

A classic ski peak in the East Bernese Oberland

Departing the Brilliantly Situated Hollandia Hut (3240M)

The Hollandia Hut is stunninly and strategically situated at the head of the huge Lotschental Valley and looks down this straight across to Mont Blanc. To the east lies the huge Grosser Aletschorn Glacier running down to the almost arctic like glacial plateau of Konkordia.

Fine Ski Descent of the Abeni Flue (3962m) South Face

This tour provides a pleasant & fairly short ski tour above the Hollandia Hut. For a fine days ski mountaineering it can be combined with an ascent of its easterly neighbour, the 'Mitaghorn'.

Approaching Jungfraujoch From Grindlewald via The Eiger North Face

This superb train journey is not cheap(!) but provides rapid access to the high and huge glacial valleys of the Oberland. The train passes first beneath and then through the Eiger itself and is a remarkable engineering project as well as great ride for ski mountaineers.

The 'Window' in the Eiger North Face Gives a Remarkably Atmospheric View

A real sense of the Eiger 'Nordwand' history can be absorbed whilst travelling through the mountain and looking out on to the foreboding North Face

Departing Jungfraujoch En Route to Konkordia on the Jungfrau Glacier

This descent provides a straight forward ski with fine views of the surrounding peaks, Jungfrau, Monch, Kranzberg & Truberg

Departing the Monchsjoch Hut Towards the Fiescherhorn

Grunhorn & Gruneghorn NW faces on the right

Climbing the Monch South Ridge from a Ski Depot

This mixed S. Ridge gives way to the fine snow crest that forms the E. Ridge of the mountain

The Fine Narrow Snow Crest of the Monch East Ridge

This route is very easily and quickly approached from either the Jungfraujoch station or Monchsjoch Hut

Approaching the Grunhornlucke Between Konkordia & Finsterarhorn Huts

The Huge Grosser Aletcsh lies beyond leading to the narrow col (Lotschenlucke)

The 'Beer Terrace' of the Konkordia Hut

Add a warm spring afternoon, a bratwurst or two, applestrudel and some music....one of the best bars in the world!

Fresh Oberland Powder Tracks

On the brilliant East - then North Facing Descent of the Gross Wannenhorn

Just After Dawn on the Ascent of the Finsterarhorn

The highest peak in the Oberland combines some sustained skinning with a classic Alpine (PD) ridge

The Aletschorn North Face

The tough alpine ski mountaineering route, The 'Hasler Rib' is just left of centre

Winter Dusk, Looking Down The Lotschental, From the Hollandia Hut

This long glacial valley gives one of the classic ski exits from the high Oberland - To 'Falfleralp' and the justifiably famously excellent Swiss publis transport system!

Dawn Departure From the Holland Hut

With the Finsterarhorn behind

Enjoying the Pleasant Mountaineering on the South Ridge of the Mitaghorn (3892m)

From a ski depot at the Anujoch

The Summit of the Mitaghorn & A View of Most of the Alps

Looking South to the Swiss Valais (Monte Rosa between the climbers) and Mont Blanc on the right

A Skiers Peak - Summit Ridge on the Abeni Flue (3962m)

Aletschorn North Face behind

The Substantial Metal Staircase Leading to the Konkordia Hut

A sure indicator of glacial recession. When the hut was built - access from the glacier was a lot easier!

Trail Breaking Team Happy to Have Arrived at Jungfraujoch Station, Bernese Oberland

After 5 hours of deep trail breaking from Konkordia...