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Aiguille de Rochefort 4001m

Rochefort Arete, Aiguille de Rochefort

France on the left, Italy on the right

The fantastic vista of the Mont Blanc Massif from the Rochefort Arete


On the traverse of the Arete Rochefort

Peter & Jeroen on the French / Italian Frontier

Dawn Over A Snowy Summer In The Mt Blanc Massif

En route to climb the Aiguille de Rochefort having had an 0400 breakfast at the Torino Hut. Timings were roughly 2 hours to Salle a Manger from Torino Hut. Then 2 hours to the summit from there and about the same on the way back.

The Salle A Manger - Base of Dent du Geant - Start Of Rochefort Arete

And an ideal place to take a break and enjoy the amazing views!

The Start Of The Famous Narrow Snow Ridge Of The Rochefort Arete

Narrow and exposed but in good conditions a real mountaineering treat. However it should be noted that this route is by no means just snow ridges and has several mixed and potentially icy passages as well as some quite steep rock on the summit bastion. This section now has several bolted anchor stations. As does the top of the steep icy slope in the central section.

Short Mixed Passage Before The Steep Icy Descent

Very snowy conditions in mid July 2016. Many teams doing the Dent du Geant. Not many teams doing both the same day!

Paul Tops Out On The Aiguille de Rochefort 4001m

Great snowy conditions on 16th July 2016. Superb views down a very great Italian Val d'Aosta. This summer the mountains are white and the valleys are green. Last summer both were brown!

The View East From Aiguille Rochefort...

To the Dome de Rochefort, Grandes Jorasses (with new track on voie normale) and the Monte Rosa on the Italian / Swiss border in the distance. The Aller Retour to the Dome from the Aiguille takes C. 3 hours.

Neil Enjoying Stiff Snow Conditions Setting Sail On The Arete Rochefort

High on the French Italian alpine border and very early on the Arete Traverse - just above the Salle a Manger junction with the Dent du Geant.