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Dent du Geant 4013m

First pitch of the ascent of the Dent du Geant

Snowy conditions giving tough conditions on the fixed ropes

Spectacular Abseils off the Dent du Geant


Steep and enjoyable granite / fixed rope climbing high on the Dent du Geant


A 'Delicate' Section on the Thuggish Ascent of the West Rib Fixed Ropes

We climbed the route in short pitches with just 30m of single rope out. The remainder was stored for the impressive set of abseils which can be done easily on the bolted in-situ anchors on a single 60m rope.

The Beautiful Exposed 'Burgener' Granite Slabs of the Dent du Geant West Rib

Aside from the fixed ropes there are numerous high quality free climbs on steep granite

Physical Rope Hauling High on the Dent du Geant

Chris enjoying the physical challenge at 4000m on the Giant's Tooth

Quality Granite Rock Climbing on the South Face of the Dent du Geant

This route takes a steep & generally well protected line just to the climbers left of the normal routes abseil anchors

Rock Climbing on the Dent du Geant South Face

With Mont Blanc in the Background

Superb Conditions on the Dent Du Geant, Late September 2013

The Dent had stripped quickly after recent stormy weather and was very quiet in these early autumn conditions (no other parties). A dropped belay plate on the descent meant rappelling with an Italian Hitch & thus very kinky ropes!