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Mont Blanc 4810m

Ascent of Mont Blanc

The Ascent of Mont Blanc with the Aiguille de Bionassay beyond, Chamonix

Mont Blanc Summit

Sean and Rob on the summit of Mont Blanc with Sean's Cancer Research Charity banner

Albert Premier Hut

Evening Alpenglow in the Chamonix Valley from the Albert Premier Hut

Aiguille de Tour

Enjoying superb easy scrambling on the Aiguille de Tour, Chamonix, on a Mont Blanc training climb

The Locals

Meeting the locals on the walk up the 'Tette Rousse' Hut above Chamoix on the ascent of Mont Blanc.

The Final Climb

The final part of the ascent of Mont Blanc from the Vallot Refuge

Mont Blanc Storm

High on Mont Blanc in 'atmospheric weather'

Mont Blanc Summit

Celebration and relief at 4810m. The summit of Mont Blanc has superb views of much of the Alps. On a calm sunny day this can be enjoyed over a welcome summit break. On a cloudy, breezy day a quick photo is snapped before scuttling back down.

Mont blanc Training

Large team start their training for Mont Blanc with the mountain itself in the background. Le Tour, Chamonix

Aiguille de Bionassay, Chamonix Mont Blanc

2 Climbers circled on the crest approaching the Pitons des Italiens

Les Bosses Ridge, Mont Blanc

John & Marko take a moment to catch their breath and take in the magnificent view from close to the summit of Mont Blanc. France on the right, Italy on the left.

'Sunrise over the Seracs', Mont Blanc 12/7/2010

Dawn on the North side of the Dome de Gouter with the Chamonix Valley and Aiguilles Rouges beyond.

Frosty Morning on Mont Blanc

Gareth and James at the Valot Hut after 4 hours of trail breaking in poor weather!

The Bosses Ridge on Mont Blanc

Gareth and James enjoying improving weather high on the Bosses Ridge of Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc Summit 19/8/2010

James, Rob, Gareth, Louis and Paul on the summit of Mont Blanc after a tough ascent trail breaking from the Gouter Hut

Chris high on the Grand Pilier d'Angle, Mont Blanc

Monte Rosa Massif & Matterhorn visible in background.

Mont Blanc Training on the Glacier du Tour

Aiguille du Chardonnet beyond. Early June 2011

Mont Blanc Training on the Glacier du Tour, Chamonix

First Mont Blanc course of the 2011 season

A Snowy Morning on Mont Blanc's Gouter Ridge

Fine wintery mountaineering between the Tette Rousse & Gouter Huts

Superb Early Morning View Down the Chamonix Valley From Just Above the Gouter Hut

On the 'normal route' on Mont Blanc, June 2011

Clouds Building in the Arve Valley Whilst Climbing High on the Bosses Ridge of Mont Blanc

Pristine conditions in early june 2011

The Descent of Mont Blanc's 'Bosses' Ridge

Excellent snowy conditions in June 2011

The Chamonix PGHM Helicopter on Mont Blanc

A climber with high altitude sickness is rescued from the Vallot Refuge

The Wild 'Glacier du Miage' on the Italian Side of Mont Blanc

The long approach up the Glacier du Miage accesses the Gonella Hut, springboard for the tough but atmospheric, expeditions style, journey up the Italian side of 'Monte Bianco'.

The Mont Blanc Massif From Plan Joux Across the Arve Valley

This northern view of Mont Blanc shows the Aiguille du Midi (in cloud on left) 'Trois Monts' route as the left hand skyline, the Traverse of the Aiguille du Bionassay as the right hand skyline and the Gouter 'normal' route just right of centre.

High on Mont Blanc with the Chamonix Valley Beyond

Going well on Mont Blanc's 'Trois Monts' Route above the Col de la Brenva. Mont Maudit & Aiguille Verte (far right) beyond.

The Steep Ascent of the Shoulder on Mont Maudit

This steep snow and ice slope accessing the shoulder on Mont Maudit is a key passage on the ascent of Mont Blanc via the 'Trois Monts'

The Vast Italian / Miage Flank of Mont Blanc

Taken from the Ascent of the Aiguille du Bionassay, this shows the wild and remote Italian flank of the mountain requiring a lot of leg work to access from Courmayeur and the Val Veny.

The Tiny But Highly Atmospheric Durier (3358m) Hut on the Col du Miage

The Durier Hut provides a great base from which to traverse the Aiguille du Bionnassay (top left) en route to Mont Blanc

Descending from the Dome Du Gouter, Mont Blanc

With cloud sitting over the entire lower Arve Valley, French Alps

High on the Bosses Ridge on Mont Blanc, Superb Snow Conditions, July 2013

The Aiguille du Bionnassay is in the centre background.

Father & Son Team Mackenzie Fly the Ensign on Mont Blanc Summit

With the Aiguilles Rouges, Chamonix Valley & Aiguille du Midi behind and left

Heading Towards Les Aravis - Descending the Bosses Ridge on Mont Blanc

Excellent snow conditions in August 2013. Sallanches and the Arve Valley way below on the right

The Impressive New Gouter Hut on Mont Blanc

The 'space age' new Gouter Hut on Mont Blanc opened in 2013 and is a welcome improvement on the infamous old hut! Constructing & running a hut at 3835m is not easy but it's a spectacular place to spend the night!

The Magnificent South Face of Monte Bianco

Seen through the autumn ambiance of the upper Val d'Aosta, Italian Alps

View from The Gouter Hut on Mont Blanc

With this superb open aspect to the west expansive views of the Aravis, Fiz, Chablais & Jura can be seen, as well as the awesome sunset. Photo from Marc Avey on a Climb Mont Blanc course September 2014.

Early Start for Mont Blanc From the Refuge Gouter

The highly atmospheric pre-dawn alpine caravan of bobbling head torches. Photo thanks to Marc Avey, Climb Mont Blanc course September 2014.

The Summit Of Mont Blanc At Sunset

After a long and rewarding climb in October 2015

Matt Reaches The Summit Of Mont Blanc On A Beautiful Early Autumn Morning

Late September 2016 and well done Matt for the hard won training sessions fitted in between family and work commitments. Always tricky, but this morning it paid off with a swift ascent in beautiful weather & conditions. Chapeau.

Ben, Sam & David Reach The Summit Of Mont Blanc

Excellent condition in early autumn 2016