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Alpine training & Gran Paradiso climb

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eric lennon

Thursday 18 August 2016 9:23:17 pm

Hi Rob

Thanks for teaming us up with Jonny for our first Alpine climbing training and summit of Gran Paradiso. The itinerary was great and took me and my son from novices to confident beginners.
Jonny was a perfect guide, great guidance and company during our days together. I learned a lot more than I expected
and finished with a great sense of achievement.
He provided a great combination of pushing us along at a pace more than I would have chosen but kept
it within a range I could manage, not an easy task. I never felt
unsafe or concerned at any point and the combination of encouragement
and support was just right. I really appreciated the way we got so much out of the 4 days time we had available. Brilliant job, I think my son Daniel is a bit hooked now and will be looking to do more trips.

Eric Lennon