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Eiger Course August 2017

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James Diggle

Monday 21 August 2017 2:37:41 pm

I had a fantastic week in Chamonix and Switzerland being guided by Gavin Pike. The original target of the Eiger traverse was off the cards from the start unfortunately due to excess snow, but that was made clear at the start of the week so we could work towards the plan B of the equally challenging Dent Blanche. The six days of guiding were all fantastic, with Gavin proving an excellent guide. I felt extremely safe with him and his careful yet efficient manner meant we could move quickly through exciting warm-up routes like the Dent du Geant. After achieving the goal of the Dent Blanche, the final days switched focus to instruction with a very helpful session practicing the skills to move safely and efficiently on Alpine ridge routes. A great experience, and I definitely made the most out of it by prior training and few days of acclimatising in the valley before the start of the course. James