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Training Days - Chamonix Alpine Intro

Alpine Training on the lovely Aiguilles Marbrees on the Italian / French Alpine border in the Mont Blanc Massif.

This article was written by Chris Kempster and published in the November 2014 edition of 'Trek & Mountain' Magazine. It describes the experience of 4 aspiring mountaineers who come to Chamonix to learn the skills of alpine mountaineering with an IFMGA Guide...

The themes of the articles are that Mont Blanc is not the best way of starting your alpine mountaineering career and that there are lots of other excellent objectives which give better training experiences and make excellent preparation for a future Mont Blanc ascent.

The training then proceeded to cover the fundamental basics in good detail so they were soundly understood. Roped glacier travel, crevasse rescue, steady movement skills with and without crampons on mixed ground / alpine ridges, alpine rope work, use of alpine huts, how many coffees you can drink and still sleep at high altitude in an Italian alpine hut etc etc!

The course also included a day of Chamonix based rock climbing and rope work training relevant to alpine mountaineering before heading east on day 4 to approach a lovely Swiss mountain hut and finish the course on the last day with a traverse of the classic Swiss Alpine 400er, the Weissmeis.

There are then a whole host of other inspiring courses to check out which fit logically in to an alpine progression and include things like climbing the Gran Paradiso, Climbing Mont Blanc, Becoming An Alpinist, Chamonix Alpinist & Matterhorn & Eiger courses.

You can read the full article via the PDF attached below and for more details check out our Chamonix Intro Alpine course.

Alpine_beginner_course Article

Chamonix Mountaineering

An impressive collection of galleries giving an insight in to the quality and huge variety of mountaineering within and around the Chamonix Valley. Routes include classic beginners alpine ridges, 1000m+ classic North Faces, winter style Chamonix Goulottes and many more.


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