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Training & Advice Articles

At High Mountain Guides we specialise in delivering quality training as part of your experience with us in the mountains. Some people are focused on climbing a particular route or summit, they still need good training to achieve this. Some folk are focused on training and improving their self reliance and skills in the mountains, they still need to go mountaineering to achieve this. The skill is in blending the level of challenge with the delivery of training to give the perfect experience in the mountains. This is our aim and we have lots of experience of doing just that. We hope to climb and train with you soon and in the meantime please check out some of our training and advice articles below....

Alpine Training - A Students Perspective

Already a competent UK based rock climber, Matt came out to Chamonix for 6 days of alpine training, three in in spring and three in early summer. Here, he shares his detailed analysis of each days training outcomes. Thi... more>

Ski Fit? Preparing for the Slopes

What makes skiing so much fun is that it can only be enjoyed at certain times of the year, however, as many have experienced, skiing reminds us that we have muscles that we had no idea existed. Most skiers only ski a fe... more>

Avalanche Training Notes

In the ever evolving world of snow science & avalanche theory the pragmatic skier & mountaineer needs to identify the salient points & make pragmatic decisions accordingly. This is easier said than done and... more>

Making the Most of your High Altitude Expedition....

The purpose of this article is to stimulate some thought about enhancing your chances of success and even ‘enjoyment’ on multi-day expeditions to high altitude peaks. Many of the themes are as relevant to Mont Blanc or... more>

Winterising Your Rack

Advice on making the most of your summer and winter racks for winter climbing....


Buying Rock Boots

Pain is Insane! - Do Not Fit your shoes too tight! Some Simple Advice on selecting a well fitting pair of rock climbing shoes....


Skiing with Children in Switzerland

Switzerland is rapidly becoming one of Europe's most popular destinations for family-friendly ski resorts. Not only do the Swiss Alps provide the perfect winter wonderland setting for a holiday, they are renowned for th... more>