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UK Rock Climbing

Teaching Lead Climbing High on the Scottish Highlands Classic 'Ardvereike Wall' (HS).

People often forget how lucky we are with our geology in the UK - an exhilarating week on the Welsh sea cliffs or the mountain classics of the Scottish Highlands will soon remind you just how good and varied the rock climbing and in the UK really is. High Mountain Guides can offer an exciting array of instructed and guided courses throughout Wales, the Highlands or elsewhere around the UK on request. So whether you want to climb Cenotaph Corner, experience the thrill of sea cliff climbing or literally learn the ropes and become a competent climber or mountaineer we have something to offer and inspire you with.

Many of the techniques taught on our rock climbing courses such as

  • anchor selection
  • sound belaying
  • rope work
  • stance management
  • safe retreating

will be equally applicable to winter climbing. Good quality instruction in rock climbing and these techniques early in your mountaineering career are highly recommended it could save you a few epics! In addition to this we will always attempt to provide challenging memorable experiences whilst improving your climbing movement skills and all round ability as a mountaineer.

Our summer courses are generally tailor-made and thus far more likely to meet your aspirations than booking on a pre-arranged course. With low ratios we are able to move at exactly your pace and progress through your own climbing apprenticeship at the rate most appropriate for you. In this way you will never feel held back by a less fit and able group member or alternatively never feel pressured into doing something that has your eyes on stalks! Similarly the venues chosen can revolve around your past experience, future aspirations and what 3 star routes you want to tick!

Check out our suggested venues for more information and inspiration....