Keyword: Argentiere Basin

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Good ice heading left in to Madness Tres Mince Image
Doug enjoying superb quality ice on Madness Tres Mince (not very 'mince' here!) Image
Getting a bit more Mince now! The Goulotte narrows and steepens...and the ice thins Image
Rob well wrapped up and enjoying the fine winter alpine atmosphere on 'Madness' Image
Abalakov Abseil Anchor to cross the Bergschrund on Madness Image
Rob enjoying being in the superb narrow ice goulotte of the Charlet Ghilini Image
This ice is almost as good as Ben Nevis! Image
Eigerwand Like Exposure on the Ice Hose of the Charlet Ghilini Image
Is it the North Face of Changabang? No, it's Heike just enjoying brilliant climbing on the Charlet Ghilini Image
Pschedelic Wall! Heike putting in a good lead on thin ice to access the upper pitches of the Charlet Ghilini Image
The Cascade! Sustained & steep ice but thankfully with various pegs on the right wall Image
The relative sanctity of simple grade V ice above! Image
The even greater sanctity of the Argentiere Refuge is reached after a very long day on the crag! Image
Farraon, Argentiere Basin, Chamonix Mixed Climbing Image
The opening snow couloir of Farraon, Argentiere Basin Image
The start of the icy groove on Farraon Image
The fine airy leftward traverse on the 2nd main pitch of Farraon Image
The icy groove that is the key to avoiding the overhanging chimney on the 2nd main pitch of Farraon Image
Starting up the 'loose' chimney that links into the crux mixed section Image
The weather starts to close in on the penultimate pitch of Farraon Image