Winter Alpine Mountaineering Kit List

A summary of technical equipment & clothing required if you are joining us on an alpine mountaineering trip in either the autumn, winter and spring seasons. This ‘non summer’ alpine […]

Climb Monte Viso Course

Climb Monte Viso 3841m

Monte Viso, ‘The Stone King‘.  This magnificent rocky pyramid, dwarfs it’s neighbouring peaks of the Cottian Alps high on the Italian French mountain border.  It provides an inspiring & iconic […]

Climb The Gran Paradiso 4061m

The Gran Paradiso is the highest mountain entirely within Italy and a constant snowy companion on the southern skyline from the Mont Blanc Massif. Lying in the beautiful Paradiso National […]

Monte Rosa Mountaineer 4554m

The Monte Rosa chain forms a magnificent high alpine & glacial massif straddling the Italian & Swiss borders and presents the mountaineer with a superb series of snowy peaks just […]

Matterhorn Equipment List

This is a mountaineering equipment required for climbing the Hornli Ridge on the Matterhorn with a Mountain Guide in normal summer conditions.  Equipment requirements may vary according to weather and conditions […]

Bishorn Ascent Guide

Climb The Bishorn 4153m

The Bishorn is a classic Swiss alpine 4000m peak and its ascent combines a long and beautiful hut walk, from Zinal, with a night in a superb Swiss mountain hut.  The […]

Climb The Weissmies 4017m

Whilst, at 4017m the Weissmies only just makes it into the exclusive club of Alpine 4000m peaks, it has many more attributes to recommend an ascent than just its altitude…The […]

Climb The Matterhorn 4478m

A long, hard and brilliant days alpine mountaineering on the world’s most iconic mountain. This is…The Matterhorn. There can be few alpine climbers (or even armchair climbers!) who have not […]

Chamonix Alpine Intro

Whilst Chamonix is the capital of world mountaineering, you do not need to be a great climber to enjoy its vast mountain attractions. On the contrary, one of Chamonix’s real […]

Becoming An Alpinist

On this inspirational alpinist training course we aim to tackle some enjoyable alpine terrain in a style that will offer you high quality mountaineering training along the way.  This course […]

Private Guiding

Booking Procedures Contact us to confirm dates and a suitable course / itinerary Check the price details Check the terms and conditions (including mountain participation statement, repeated below) Place an […]

Eiger North Face Kit List

North Face of the Eiger Kit List The following list is purely a record of what equipment we took on our mid-october ascent in very good conditions. It is not […]

Mont Blanc Training Course

Mont Blanc Equipment List

This is a suggested list for the mountaineering equipment recommended for Climbing Mont Blanc in normal summer conditions.  Remember that whilst the equipment is important, mountaineering skill & fitness is […]

Alpine Mountaineering Equipment List

A summary of technical equipment & clothing required for summer alpine mountaineering. The alpine style involves climbing with a small & light pack that has all the essentials, sufficient emergency […]

Climb The Eiger 3970m

The colourful history of the Eiger brings this mountain, like few others, in to the popular domain and means it is both famous and notorious not just with mountaineers but with […]

Alpine Mountaineering

Our alpine courses are based around some of the inspirational great peaks of the European Alps….Mont Blanc, Matterhorn, Eiger, Gran Paradiso, Monte Rosa, Weissmies, Monte Rosa & Monte Viso.   For […]

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