Alpine Mountain Running Guide

Mountain Running Equipment List

Unlike our other equipment list pages, this one is more of a discussion & review of some light mountaineering / running equipment that may be of use in planning some light and fast trips into the mountains.  Definitive lists are unlikely to work in this field where there is a skill in choosing the right equipment for the nature of the trip.

A couple of points to note.  Mountain running is often anything but!  E.g. there is lots of walking involved either due to the long sustained ascents where good steady pacing is required or the terrain is too technical to run over.  There is an overlap between trail running gear and mountaineering equipment and it’s important to create the right blend for each trip that provides sufficient technical gear, warm clothing + food / water supplies and emergency equipment without unduly weighing you down, slowing you down or increasing the risk of injury in descent for example.

There is always a judgement to be made regarding how light you can go without being caught out technically, getting too cold or ‘bonking’ from lack of food or water!  This is a highly personal decision based on the nature of the terrain, current conditions and how much commitment you like to have!

So the following equipment items are just for reference, and as options to add to your own modular style kit list which evolves significantly according to what type of run (or walk!) you are doing in the mountains.  The weights are what we have recorded on our own scales and may not be perfectly accurate.  There are sections for footwear, clothing, technical gear, packs and nutrition & hydration…

Good running and please get in touch if you have any questions or suggesting / reviews of your own to share….


Scarpa LPC Mountain Running Boots, 1015g for a pair size 44. These have been a pleasure to use and work well with Grivel Haute Route crampons, see below, due to the purpose made heel unit. The mini gaiter and velcro patch over the laces both work really well and these feel light enough to run in yet warm enough for an ascent of Gran Paradiso in good summer conditions (when moving fast – with good circulation!)


Alpine Mountain Running Guide
Salomon’s new mountain running pack with 25L capacity and some impressive design around the hydration and snack pouches. A pleasure to use! 440g

Technical Mountaineering Gear

Grivel Haute Route Crampons, 800g for the pair, a good light crampon which fits the Scarpa LPC mountain running boots well.
Lightweight Petzl ice screw and snap link, 135g for both items and a significant saving on many much heavier screws and Krabs

Black Diamond Couloir – Light Alpine Harness, 265g. Good light harness, but not the lightest!

The Petzl Ultra-light ‘Fly’ Harness comes in at just 130g

Petzl Ride Ice Axe. Very light but only really suitable for easy snow ascents as it’s very short and would be better replaced with a beefier mountaineering axe for anything more technical, 330g
Petzl Sirocco Lightweight mountaineering helmet with front and back head torch attachments
Petzl Rad Line, 30m of 6mm cordelette. Only designed for easy snow ascents / glacier travel and needs specific compatible devices, but very light and low volume if a short rope is required for that sort of terrain, 750g


Clif Energy Bloks 60g, High 5 Energy Gel 40g, Clif Energy Bar 68g, all recommended.


Salomon 1500ml hydrapack and hose, an excellent simple system, 170g
Salomon 500ml soft flask. Good simple system, not leaked yet! 40g


Light Mountain Clothing

Arcteryx light wind / shower proof shell outer, 285g
Light Castelli cycling beanie, makes a good combination with some of the Arcteryx mid or base layers with a hood, 75g
Good mid layer gloves, Black Diamond. Prone to getting a bit sweaty if used too early on, 165g

Emergency Gear

Good emergency shelter for 2 people who are good friends and want to keep warm! 225g
Mountain Space Bag, heavier but better than a blanket, 90g

Buying New Kit?

If you plan to make some new kit purchases for this course then we recommend a few places to look online that not only provide a good range of clothing and equipment but also some excellent advice on suitable products for your chosen sport.  They are:

Needle Sports – An independent climbing gear shop that supplies mountaineering, rock, ice, alpine & expedition climbing equipment.  They have a shop in Keswick in the Lake District.

Facewest – with 20 years of providing an excellent online retail experience and plenty of knowledge and enthusiasm, they stock a wide range of products for climbing, skiing, running, and hiking.

Sport Pursuit – is an online retailer, mainly of clothing who sells, at highly discount prices, end of lines, and unsold stock from shops and brands.  If you look carefully through their website you can find some excellent clothing items at a really great price.


22 June 2020, Gran Paradiso – 1 Day Mountain Running Ascent