Ski Mountaineering Kit List

Please use this list in a modular form according to what type of ski mountaineering you are doing e.g non glacial tours may not require harness, ice screws etc. Aim to ‘pack light’ and ski with a light pack as much as possible whilst still carrying all the required safety & technical gear and sufficient warm clothing, food & water.

Remember that:

light + light = heavy and that the only thing that ‘weighs nothing’….is nothing!

Personal Gear

  • Skis, fitted with ski touring bindings and set up ready for your own boots. A medium waist of around 80-90mm and turn radius of less than 20m is ideal for most tours where a variety of snow conditions will be encountered.
  • Ski touring bindings fitted to your skis, ideally with brakes attached.  Dynafit, Plum or Kingpins are generally the most popular in Chamonix.
  • Poles (non telescopic ski poles are generally better unless there is a lot of mountaineering on the tour)
  • Ski Boots, heavier weight touring boots for improved ski peformance, lighter for climbing & saving energy!
  • Skins (modern skins in good condition, Black Diamond or Gecko glueless recommended), must be fitted accurately to your skis
  • Transceiver with fresh batteries. Should be a modern digital transceiver e.g. Barryvox Pulse / S
  • Shovel (with a metal blade, plastic blades don’t work!)
  • Avalanche Probe
  • Harscheisen – ski crampons – couteaux (choose your language!), must be compatible with your ski bindings
  • Lightweight rucksack (35-45L). Think about how you will attach your skis to it when mountaineering
  • Tough & windproof ‘soft shell’ trousers are ideal but you will still need an outer shell layer for bad weather
  • Lightweight thermal top and light soft shell or fleece jacket
  • Waterproof / windproof jacket and trousers
  • Spare warm layer / light duvet jacket
  • Gloves, thin dexterous pair and a warmer thicker pair (mitts not really recommended as too clumsy)
  • Warm hat, sun hat & neck gaiter / ‘buff’ (to protect your neck, lower face and nose in cold windy conditions)
  • Goggles
  • Sunglasses, sun cream & lip barrier stick
  • Personal blister kit, any required medication, painkillers and plasters
  • Velcro ski tie, important for carrying skis on your rucksack
  • Headtorch, lightweight model like ‘Petzl Tikka’
  • Mobile Phone
  • Camera ? Think about making your camera highly accessible whilst skiing / skinning as once in your pack you may not want to get it our and team member may not want to wait for you to do so!
  • Food (snacks) & water bottle (at least 1L)

Additional Equipment Required for Steep and / or Glacial Terrain

  • Ice Axe
  • Crampons
  • Harness
  • 2 X Prussiks
  • 1 X 8ft Sling, 2 X Screw-gate Karabiners, 2 X snap link Karabiners
  • 1 X Ice Screw
  • Petzl micro Traxion or Ropeman or similar device with clutch / pulley for crevasse rescue
  • Helmet

For Multi-Day Hut to Hut Touring

  • Larger Rucksack ?
  • Spare socks
  • Spare Shirt (or buy one in a hut when you start to get smelly!)
  • Tea bags ?
  • Wash kit, very small and lightweight
  • Sheet sleeping bag, as lightweight at possible
  • Earplugs, for noisy huts!
  • Cash (which currencies?)
  • Credit Card
  • BMC / Austrian Alpine Club / Reciprocal Rights Hut Card
  • Passport?
  • Insurance details – see our Insurance FAQ

Group Gear – Provided by the Guide…But Carried by the Whole Group!

  • First aid kit
  • Group shelter
  • Rope
  • Spares kit (separate list below)
  • Guidebook / Topo
  • Map & Navigation Apps
  • Phone numbers for huts, weather, emergency, tourist info

Spare Equipment – Provided by the Guide

  • Spare telescopic pole
  • Spare skins (size?)
  • Leatherman (pliers, knife, screwdriver, can opener!)
  • Super glue
  • Wax ?
  • Scouring pad / scraper ?
  • Cord
  • Plastic ties
  • Strap with buckle
  • Duck tape
  • Spare screws or replacements for equipment that commonly breaks
  • Spare transceiver batteries (AA or AAA?)

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Glacier – Ski Mountaineering Day Above Chamonix – Note The Harness, Ice Screw & Rope Cows Tail Attached To Jacket + Helmet!

Ski Mountaineering