UK Mountaineering

Equipment List for UK Scrambling & Mountaineering Courses – In Summer Conditions


  • Clothing – Loose fitting comfortable clothing to cover both warm and cold days. Thermal wicking base layer and a couple of fleece / soft shell tops. Light, quick drying trousers – polyester or fleece, cotton not ideal. Wicking T-shirt and shorts are worth bringing also.
  • Mountain boots – 3-4 season with a good quality sole (such as Vibram) for scrambling.  If you are training for Mont Blanc or the Matterhorn, you can wear your boots you will be wearing in the Alps.
  • Rucksack – Around 30 – 40L, with a waterproof liner. You should easily be able to get all the kit listed here inside.

Personal Items

  • Harness – make sure it fits before the course and is not too big at its smallest possible waist size. Likewise that you can get it over fleeces, waterproofs etc.
  • Helmet – Easily adjustable and big enough to go over a warm hat.
  • Waterproof jacket and trousers – Lightweight waterproofs will be sufficient for most courses.
  • Warm hat and gloves
  • Water bottle – At least 1L Capacity
  • Snacks / packed lunch 
  • Spare warm layer – Large fleece or light duvet jacket.
  • Personal first aid kit – Plasters and personal medication, midge repellent.
  • Sun cream, sunglasses and sun hat
  • Head Torch – small and light one sufficient for emergency use only for most courses
  • Trekking Poles – Optional, small and light which fold away and go INSIDE your pack ideal
  • Cash

Skye Ridge traverses

Or other courses with a bivi…40-50L pack ideal 

  • Lightweight sleeping bag – 2 season should be sufficient (or just a duvet jacket with Bivi bag for good warm weather)
  • Bivvi bag – Ideally breathable.
  • Bivvi food – Lightweight dehydrated meals, noodles, packet soups, power bars, sweets etc – enough for 2 long days on the Skye Ridge.
  • Camping Mat – Lightweight variety. Heavy therma-rests are excessive.
  • Mug and spoon

Group Items – Supplied by your Guide

  • Rope
  • Scrambling / climbing protection hardware
  • Group Shelter
  • Map / Compass

For overnight traverses / bivis

  • Cooking Stove, pots and fuel
  • Lighter / Matches

If you are attending our UK mountaineering courses as part of an programme of training to climb Mont Blanc or the Matterhorn, please check our Mont Blanc equipment list and Matterhorn equipment list as you may be able to start gather the relevant gear prior to your UK training weekends and thus test & familiarise with your own equipment.

UK Mont Blanc & Matterhorn Training Weekends