May 2021, Mont Blanc Training Course

May 2021, Mont Blanc Training Course

Adam and Hannah, Snowdonia MB Training course
Thank you for putting together a fantastic Mont Blanc training weekend in Snowdonia.  Both Andy and Steve were great. Very knowledgeable and gave us lots of good advice on the hill walk on Saturday. Andy offered a lot of useful technical advice & both were very welcoming.  We were paired with Steve for the technical roped scrambling on Sunday. He really looked after us.  He is an absolute credit to your company, so inspiring. A mountain guru!
Snowdonia Alpine Training
Mont Blanc training team beneath Tryfan for a wet but brilliant 2nd day of training.
In short, thank you for organising a fabulous, inspiring, exhausting weekend!  And Spice of Llanberis does a belting curry! 👍
All the best, Adam and Hannah.
Snowdonia Mont Blanc Training Weekend

Snowdonia Mont Blanc Training Weekend

Alan Watson, Rich Harrison, May 2021
Just a quick line to say thanks for organising a great weekend. Despite the weather, Barnsley losing and coming last in the Eurovision Song Contest I thoroughly enjoyed it!!  It’s just great to be out again.  Please pass on my thanks to all our guides who did a great job in the circumstances.  Cheers, Alan
Wales Mont Blanc Training
Mont Blanc Training Course in Snowdonia
We had an excellent weekend in the hills, despite the weather trying to throw everything at us!  Your guides were excellent and I thoroughly enjoyed their company and their reassuring and knowledgable approach to guiding was confidence-inspiring.  Onwards to Mont Blanc!  Cheers, Rich
Matterhorn Training Course, Scottish Highlands

Matterhorn Training Course, Scottish Highlands

Chris Cura, Fort William, May 2021

I had a fantastically enjoyable and physically challenging weekend and Jonathon was both a very good teacher and great company. Thanks to you at High Mountain Guides for organising this bespoke weekend of Matterhorn training.

Chris in the Bidean Nam Bian Massif as part of a brilliant day spring – winter mountaineering & Matterhorn Training in Glencoe

Jonathon’s coaching is great, his experience telling and his directions were very clear and easy to comprehend. The routes he chose were not obvious and it was great to get some exposure and altitude without crowds.  I would recommend 1:1 guiding to anyone who can afford it as you pick up so much more than when in a group and move so much faster.

Kind regards, Chris

Lake District Matterhorn Preparation Weekend

Lake District Matterhorn Preparation Weekend

Michael von Geldern,April 2021
…It was all round an excellent weekend.
The company was great, locations were splendid, climbing was testing, weather was perfect.
Lake District Alpine Training
Brilliant big boot rock climbing on our Matterhorn preparation weekend
Couldn’t really ask for more (although perhaps less grubby chimney work!)
cheers all, Michael
Matterhorn Training Course, Keswick

Matterhorn Training Course, Keswick

Andy Clark, April 2021

Thanks again for organising a superb weekend!  Big Boot climbing in excellent conditions on some classic lakeland routes with Dave K .  Good company, good climbing, excellent weather!

Corvus! The brilliant Borrowdale Diff…one of the best around and this is the classic traverse pitch. A great route and bulls eye big boot Matterhorn training…

All you need to do now is sort out the pandemic and we can all get across to the Alps in the summer!”


Snowdonia Mont Blanc Training, April 2021

Snowdonia Mont Blanc Training, April 2021

Roland McKay

The Mont Blanc preparation course in Snowdonia, and my guide Andy, was phenomenal.

Brilliant scrambling terrain on the North Ridge of Crib Goch, Snowdonia

Well thought out, challenging, and exhilarating.

Many thanks and I look forward to other courses in the future…



Chamonix Ice Climbing Guiding & Training

Chamonix Ice Climbing Guiding & Training

Michael Henson, Jan 2021

I’m in the early stages of training to become a middle-aged mountain guide. Water ice climbing was a gaping hole in my skillset. I contacted Rob to help fill that hole and he structured two perfect days of active, hands-on instruction.  Rob tailored our time on the ice to maximise our objectives over the two days and is a highly professional, thoughtful, diligent, and communicative guide.

Solid ice making for secure but not rapid climbing and sometimes more of a north face atmosphere than a cascade!

He was able to balance the sometimes competing demands of moving efficiently and smoothly through a fun multi-pitch route where a dropped belay plate (me) and some ensuing rope tangles from the Italian Hitch slowed us down while carving out enough time to explain to me the “industrial” (to use Rob’s great descriptor) nuances of water ice climbing. Highly recommend High Mountain Guides whether you’re out for recreation, professional training, or somewhere in between! Michael. 

Zermatt & Saas Fee 4000m Peaks Weekend

Zermatt & Saas Fee 4000m Peaks Weekend

Sophie Hane-Weijman, Breithorn, Allalinhorn & Alpine Mountaineering Intro, Oct 20

Thank you for a great weekend and the pictures, Really magical!  An amazing introduction weekend to mountaineering!

Zermatt Mountaineering
High on the Breithorn Summit Ridge in autumn 2020

It gave me a great insight to what mountaineering entails; hiking/climbing up peaks while challenging yourself physically and mentally to reach the summit and have a breath taking view and realizing how much more there is to explore.  Would love to go again…Sophie

Monte Viso & Italian Alpine Rock

Monte Viso & Italian Alpine Rock

Peter Norris, Private guiding for alpine rock climbing & mountaineering, Sept 2020

I enjoyed the week very much and it was great fun to climb with Tim. It took me back to my original start in rock climbing, which was climbing outcrops in the peak district. Yes, the weather was disappointing, but Tim managed to find somewhere for us to climb everyday.

Climb Monte Viso Course
Rifugio Quintino Sella, our Base Camp for Monte Viso. The South Face is quite a long approach from here but the equally very fine East Ridge (which has similarities to the Hornli Ridge on the Matterhorn) can be seen running diagonally left to right towards the summit starting from the top right corner of the main hut building.

So please convey my thanks to Tim for a great week’s climbing notwithstanding all the challenges of Covid and the weather. He was a great companion and I felt in safe hands. I look forward to being back climbing in Chamonix next year and having a go at the Mer de Glace face of the Grepon”. Peter. 

Mont Blanc Training Weekend, Wales Oct 2020

Mont Blanc Training Weekend, Wales Oct 2020

Jason Wilkinson & Daniel Youds, Snowdonia Mt Blanc Training Weekend
Thanks for organising the course, it was a great experience and feel like I’ve learned a lot more than I anticipated I would. Both Andy and Steve were great all weekend and would look forward to climbing with them in the future.  I’m looking forward to the Scottish Highlands course in spring & Gran Paradiso & Mont Blanc course next summer! Jason
UK Mt Blanc Training Course
Steve & team enjoying the super scrambling and views from high on Crib Goch, Snowdon Horseshoe, as part of our Mont Blanc Training weekend in Snowdonia. Photo Andy Teasdale.
I had an amazing weekend and both Andy and Steve were excellent guides – both hugely experienced, knowledgeable and passionate. We learnt some key rope work as well as learning plenty about what to expect on the Mont Blanc ascent and acclimatisation climbs. Going over the Crib Goch route is something I’ve wanted to do for sometime, and to manage the entire horseshoe route on the Sunday was a real bonus. Can’t wait for Mont Blanc next year.  Daniel
North Wales Matterhorn Training Weekend

North Wales Matterhorn Training Weekend

Tim Robinson, Snowdonia Matterhorn training course, Oct 2020

The Matterhorn training weekend was amazing. Big Tim got the measure of us and was able to take us to unimagined heights and levels – full marks to Tim. What a legend he is. Outstanding instructor. Massive experience and knowledge. Excellent advice and guidance. Knowing how to instill confidence and when / how to commit – all within the safety envelope. I felt totally confident as his pupil.

Scrambling and big boot rock climbing as our Snowdonia Matterhorn Training Weekend team tackles the Parsons Nose on Snowdon. Photo Ric Potter.

A brilliant course. Many wonderful moments and memories – thrills and excitements – plus great satisfaction and achievement. I would love to climb the Matterhorn – all I need to do is persuade Mrs Robinson!!

Scottish Highlands Matterhorn Training Weekend

Scottish Highlands Matterhorn Training Weekend

Oeyvind & Chris, Fort William Matterhorn Training Course, Sept 2020

We had a fantastic weekend in the Scottish Highlands 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 chiefly due to the friendliness and mountaineering competence of Hannah (and a little due to the clear blue skies). We felt safe at all times and were encouraged to push our limits.

Matterhorn training Scotland
Sunny scrambling and easy big boot climbing and Matterhorn training on the Castle Ridge, North Face of Ben Nevis, Photo Hannah Burrows Smith

Thanks from me too Hannah. I learned a lot and gained great experience and had 2 wonderful days. I will make sure that I work on my weaknesses. Oeyvind & Chris. 

Zermatt 4000ers & Dufourspitze, Sept 2020

Zermatt 4000ers & Dufourspitze, Sept 2020

Phil Horton & Nick Ash, Zermatt Private Guiding

Thanks for a brilliant trip it was challenging, great weather the best trip we have ever done, pass our thanks to Dave.

It was an exhilarating week which was both challenging and very enjoyable. I’m glad we made the effort….

Nick & Phil on the long glacier journey to reach the mixed summit ridge on Dufourspitze. A magnificent skyline all round as dawn rises above Zermatt
The course balance worked well both in terms of acclimatisation and building technical difficulty. Huts were great – loved the Monte Rosa but also the relative isolation of the Ayas hut. No significant negatives for me – other than I need to get fitter for next time!  Dave was also excellent (I learnt a lot) and good company, so it was great fun as well.  Phil & Nick
Chamonix Rock Climbing Training Day, Sept 2020

Chamonix Rock Climbing Training Day, Sept 2020

Bram Houben, rock climbing - rope work and training day at Les Gaillands

Thanks for the solid day! Good stuff, first outdoor lead, first multipitch and checked the guidebook. The second pitch on the last climb was a 6a. So pretty happy with that one 😁

Bram enjoying the brilliant climbing and position of l’Arete at Grand Gaillands, Chamonix

Solid knowledge 😂 & thanks for the photos. Bram

Chamonix Rock Climbing Info here.

Half Day Chamonix Rock Climbing, Sept 2020

Half Day Chamonix Rock Climbing, Sept 2020

Tris & Rodrigo, Sport climbing & multi pitch rock training and guiding

Thanks for making it possible Rob! Great coaching, we managed to learn so much this morning…Big thanks to HMG for a great half day session Chamonix Rock climbing.

Lead climb training and multi pitch experience at Les Gaillands in Chamonix. Great action packed half day training session.

Really great for us as to have an instructor for outdoor climbing is an opportunity we don’t have easily London. Much more confident belaying now sans anchor and was really awesome to learn and experience multi pitch and abseiling! Thank youuuu 😊 Tris & Rodrigo.

Chamonix Intro Alpine Mountaineering Long Weekend

Chamonix Intro Alpine Mountaineering Long Weekend

Patricia & Rodrigo, Chamonix Private Guiding & Aiguille du Tour & Alpine Training

Thank you so much for an amazing introduction! I’m so happy I actually can’t believe I managed to do that… Rodrigo and I truly enjoyed this weekend with you thank you!!

Dawn on the Trient Plateau, heading to the Aiguille du Tour from the Orny Hut, photo Jonny Baird.

HMG thank you for the warm wishes, rest is definitely in the books for us this week 😂 Thanks again for all the planning and accommodating our last minute changes and we hope to see you next time!

2 Day Intro To Rock, Ice & Alpine Mountaineering in Chamonix

2 Day Intro To Rock, Ice & Alpine Mountaineering in Chamonix

Bram & Justine, Chamonix Intro Alpine Weekend, Aug 2020

Thank you once more for the excellent 2-day introduction into mountaineering. The first day on the glacier with instructions on specific techniques and continuous concrete advise were much appreciated. Especially loved you letting us try a hand at ice climbing. The 2nd day up Aiguille du Tour was amazing & continuous guidance on detailed elements throughout the climb were great.

Ice Climbing & Mountaineering Training on the Tour Glacier above Chamonix

The 2 day trip was all I could ask for as an introduction. The positivity in the team was just lovely + your continuous encouragements only improved the good spirits. Thank you & Justine for the amazing couple of days that left me wanting for more. It was a wonderful adventure and you will definitely see me again.  Bram.

Chamonix Mountaineering Week – Alpine Day Tripping!

Chamonix Mountaineering Week – Alpine Day Tripping!

Andy Clarke, Chamonix Private Guiding, Aug 2020

Rob, many thanks for organising 5 days climbing in France, Italy and Switzerland. I appreciate you had to make multiple changes leading up to our arrival and then during the week due to various circumstances! The route choices were superb and the focus on the AD routes perfectly suited what I wanted to get out of the week.

Steep but easy juggy climbing in a great position near the central summit of the Breithorn.

Your continuous advice & commentary on techniques, ropework, progress etc was helpful and always inciteful. The pandemic prevented us from getting to the Eiger, but despite this it was a week full (there was no let up!) of great routes, glorious exposure and amazing situations! (You perhaps need to work on your definition of a short day!) Definitely be coming back for an Eiger week in 2021!

Chamonix Intro Mountaineering Day, Aug 2020

Chamonix Intro Mountaineering Day, Aug 2020

Justine & Gordon
Many thanks for that very special outing, on a wonderful clear and panoramic journey. My first taste of climbing on ice and snow. Doing that together with you and Justine made me feel I was in safe hands. I particularly appreciated the way you kept yourself, and our plans open to new circumstances. Combined with your very careful and specific advice on technique as we got out there and looked up at you high above us on the ice and snow, gave me a sense of confidence that allowed me to try that brief but exhilarating climb up the ice face.
 This was to round off a great day in a part of the Alps that we didn’t know well but may now come back to. Gordon. 
Gran Paradiso & Chamonix Mountaineering July 2020

Gran Paradiso & Chamonix Mountaineering July 2020

James, Ihar & Jared, Chamonix private guiding

Thanks again Rob for a fantastic couple of days leading us up our first alpine summit!  Was superbly well organised and hopefully we’ll see you again in the winter for some touring.  In the meantime we’ll continue to work on improving our equipment faff times..

Climbing the Petit Flambeau from the Skyway Monte Bianco training for Gran Paradiso