Cho Oyu Training & Summit!

Hi Rob. Back 10 days now and only just feeling normal again. But just wanted to say, without my trips to chamonix, I would never have made it. All rope work from Camp one onwards and coming down a lot of smooth blue ice. If I had not gained that experience I would have never made it up because I would have been too scared of coming down !!!

Training for the Himalaya Course In Chamonix
Sheena Climbs Cho Oyu 8188m. Congratulations. Training. Is. Performance Enhancing!
It was the hardest thing I have ever done and 10 times harder than I had expected !!
Training – An Amazing few days with High mountain guides training for Cho Oyu. Lots technical information received And, as requested, pushed to physical limits on Le Buet (trail-breaking!). Loved every minute of it and always felt safe. Thank you Rob, This was exactly what I was looking for.