What training & Acclimatisation should I do?

Lots. Unless you are an experienced mountaineer you will need to prepare for the physical and mental challenges of the Matterhorn well in advance. Rock climbing, scrambling and big days […]

What equipment will I need?

Go light! Please check our Summer Alpine Kit list for more information. Brief summary given here: Quality pair of summer alpine mountaineering boots (e.g Scarpa Freney XT GTX, Sportiva Trango […]

How long does it take?

With a 0400 breakfast at the Hornli Hut and allowing for good conditions, a well prepared party and an average amount of time waiting for other parties the ascent will […]

What hazards are there?

Route finding is one of the major challenges of the Hornli Ridge as the actual crest is rarely followed , especially in the lower half. Getting off route means the […]

How hard is the climbing (what grade is it?)

The technical grade for the Hornli Ridge (Normal route from Zermatt) is UIAA III which equates roughly to British V.Diff or U.S. 5.4. There would be a few sections harder […]

Facts and Figures

Elevation: 4478m Position: Lat/Long Reference, 45.97980°N / 7.66020°E, Swiss – Italian Border First Ascent: E. Whympher, F. Douglas, DR Hadow, C Hudson, M Croz, P Taugwalder (Father & Son), 14 […]

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