Can You Climb Mont Blanc In A Single Day

Yes, and No!

We often get asked by guests if it’s possible to climb Mont Blanc in a day from the valley.  Yes it is, but only for those with massive levels of endurance and mountain relevant fitness, and some pre-ascent acclimatisation.

Even then, it is a huge day to make both the ascent and descent from the valley with good style and thus maintaining a good margin of safety, even with tired legs descending moderately technical ground.  This is why the huts are so popular on Mont Blanc!

Our chosen route would normally be from the Parking at Les Bettières above St. Gervais, which, at 1405m then gives approximately 3500m of ascent…and descent.  Many really fit folk have never completed such a physical challenge and once the added demands of high altitude mountaineering and safely negotiating exposed moderately technical terrain are also added, this becomes a really big deal, requiring years of dedicated training to complete successfully and with style.

Equipment choice, fuelling and hydration will also play important roles in successfully making this ascent as equipment will need to be lightweight but still suitably fit for the purpose of high altitude mountaineering.   Guests will need experience of how to maintain energy supplies during a huge endurance undertaking without stopping too much along the way.  Significant pre-ascent acclimatisation will also be necessary and ideally this would include an ascent of another 4000m or other substantial alpine peak, as well as other strenuous climbing and sleeping at altitude.   It would be worth preparing for the pre-ascent acclimatisation with some of our Chamonix walks and other acclimatisation ideas.

All in all, it’s a huge challenge, but equally hugely inspiring.  Please get in touch if you would like to discuss your preparation and ascent programme to climb Mont Blanc in a single day….