Tips for staying in a mountain Hut

  • Keep your personal gear well organised and arranged according to the system of the hut eg Ice Axe, trekking poles & boots stored in the boot room.
  • Crampons & other technical gear can stay in your pack which goes to the sleeping room as long as they are well packed away.
  • Sort your equipment ready for the morning the afternoon / early evening before. Don’t leave it until the morning or late in the evening when people are trying to sleep.
  • Have your head torch handy for entering / leaving the communal sleeping room without turning the lights on.
  • Identify your allocated bed on arrival, lay out the blankets and leave some personal gear on the bed to indicate to other hut users that it has been taken!
  • Get up promptly in the morning, fold blankets & remove all items from the room. Other people may be staying in bed & having a later breakfast.
  • In the event of not sleeping well due to the altitude / temperature / snoring etc try to relax and just rest as much as possible!