Where can I arrange my insurance?

Good question! UK residents are well served in this department with varied & comprehensive policies offered by the British Mountaineering Council (BMC). Choose your activity, choose your area, specify your dates and you will get a quote on their easy to use dedicated website. Another option is to take an annual policy if you have several trips planned. Non UK residents will have to find another provider offering policies suitable for their own needs but with coverage for the relevant activities & areas. Here are a few options to include in your search but please note that these are not personal recommendations as each individuals circumstances vary and they will want to create their own insurance solution. Also please note that some of the policies may offer maximum pay outs e.g. for search & rescue, below the actual cost of a large / complicated rescue, thus still leaving a large bill to pay.

  • Assursport.fr
  • Global Rescue Insurance
  • Travelex
  • American Alpine Club
  • Snowcard (only for UK residents)
  • Austrian Alpine Club Membership (UK section)
  • Dogtag

There are clearly many other providers of adventure travel insurance. Please just check the policy coverage is accurate and sufficient for the details of your trip. Please do let us know if you find other policies which work well and we can add them to the list.