Why hire a Mountain Guide?

A Mountain Guide will enhance your time in the mountains. They can enable you to achieve your goals with a greater margin of safety and pass on some of their massive experience of climbing, mountaineering and skiing. In the company of a Guide you will become a better, safer mountaineer and have a great time in the process.

If you are unsure about whether to hire an instructor or guide, think about it this way: Most folk are happy to spend hundreds of pounds on equipment yet sometimes lack the necessary skills and experience to get the most out of it. Traditionally, some UK mountaineers have had a reluctance to use guides and instructors and had an approach to mountain safety that was over dependent on equipment. Kit is easy to buy but skills and good experiences are hard won. Hiring a Guide is not an alternative to a mountaineering apprenticeship but it is a very good way of accelerating and stimulating your skill levels and ability to do some great climbs.

  • There are many good reasons why people hire Mountain Guides:
  • To enable them to achieve their specific objectives in the mountains
  • To gain training, experience and advice
  • Because they want to pass on the planning and organisation of their mountain holiday to a professional
  • Because they have limited time and want to get the best out of an area
  • Because they have few or no suitable climbing partners

To find out more about Guides and Guiding visit the website of the British Mountain Guides